Semalt Explains How To Protect Your Computer From Viruses, Worms, and Zombies

Many companies with successful e-commerce sites suffer from massive losses when they are attacked for example by zombie viruses. Viruses are malicious computer programs, which perform many unwanted tasks in the victim's computers. Just like hacking, these zombies attack system's vulnerabilities. Viruses can tend to tarnish the credibility of a software vendor. Many software's subjects to zombie virus attacks have a poor reputation. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a website can fail when zombie virus attacks the server. Jason Adler, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, states that protecting your computer against the virus attacks can retain the safety of a customer using your site.

Initially, viruses spread through sharing of software. Some scripts would make copies of themselves and move to the victim's computers. Similarly, these scripts would execute other Trojans as well as most virus attacks. Through the ancient removable disk storage, hackers would pass these viruses over to the victim's computers. These zombie viruses would then multiply in the host machines. With the advent of the internet, computer viruses spreading became as easy as ABC. So currently more and more companies operating e-commerce websites face hack attacks such as the zombie virus.

Viruses in the commercial field

In some cases, sites experience hack attacks such as the Denial of Service attacks on their servers. Such attacks include a series of botnets which execute numerous malicious actions. Botnets are zombie computers with a particular design which includes a human mimicking feature. Consequently, the server sees the web visits as legitimate traffic. There are also other methods which people use to make their websites rank high on the SERPs. Botnets can compromise such digital marketing methods and make a company incur a loss. For instance, in the DDoS attack, hackers deploy millions of bots to a server making it unable to handle the traffic.

Viruses in the social scene

In other cases, victims encounter malicious attacks making content go viral. The viruses are becoming an integral part of the society as some companies still use them to execute some of their tasks. In other cases, webmasters and computer specialists encourage the users to install special programs such as antivirus software. This software helps to remove numerous aspects of the entire web development. They also help computers stay safe from some of these attacks. Hackers can also inject viruses into the server or clouds of most computers. They can make the websites operate under conditions of valuable information leaking.


Every e-commerce business must operate under some specific safety measures. There are many forms of vulnerabilities surrounding computers and servers. Data can leak at any stage of its handling. Large companies invest a lot of money in making custom anti-spyware software. In other cases, people pay for antivirus programs to enhance this security. However, viruses are becoming more and more complex. Every day, hackers and other specialists are developing exploits which compromise the safety of using a website. There are many free tools which most people can access and use against these individuals. You can use this guideline in protecting computers from viruses, worms, and zombies.

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